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Flamingo Horticulture approached By Appointment Africa to manage their new internal graduate program in 2018.

The Flamingo Horticulture Graduate Program

Flamingo Horticulture

The Flamingo Horticulture Graduate Program

May 30, 2023

We were initially hesitant to take on the project as our core business is the placement of mid to senior management positions. However, we were so impressed by the program’s details and the opportunity it offered to successful graduates, we felt morally obliged to find and source suitable graduates for their program.

The highly competitive program selects only the best candidates to spend two years in each Flamingo location, where they will be taught in various roles according to their degree and skills. We receive an average of 4000 applications a year and the screening process is extremely thorough – a ten step process where assessments, interviews and workshop presentation days will result in just 8 successful candidates per annum.

The program provides a comprehensive learning experience that prepares graduates to become management material in six years.

The success of the Flamingo Graduate Program is evident in the growth and development of its graduates, who gain practical skills, hands-on experience, and a deep understanding of the business.

The program also offers graduates the opportunity to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities, which are essential for any management role.

An internal graduate program can provide benefits for companies by building a pool of management material, enhancing employer branding, and attracting and retaining top talent in a cost-effective way.

The program helps to bridge the skills gap in the job market and creates a pipeline of skilled and motivated employees.

We would strongly encourage all companies and organisations to to offer similar programs, which will help address the employment problem.