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The word "Avatar" has different meanings depending on the context

The Avatar Client

The Avatar Client

The Avatar Client

May 30, 2023

In general, it refers to a representation of a deity or divine being in human or animal form, while in popular culture it often refers to a digital representation of a person or character. The heroic reference to the term comes from James Cameron’s movie “Avatar,” in which the main character becomes an avatar of the Na’vi, an extraterrestrial humanoid species, and fights alongside them against human invaders. While the word itself does not necessarily have a heroic connotation, it can be associated with heroism in certain contexts.

We often to refer to our most collaborative clients and candidates as Avatars. They engage, are in constant communication with us and pay rapt attention to the process. They are our hero’s and people we love working with.

The recruitment process is not about flipping CV’s across. It is so important to work with the client every step of the way, often benchmarking and brainstorming as we go along.

There has to be commitment from both sides and when this happens, it forms a strong partnership. Which ultimately leads to a successful placement on time, every time