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"Our client runs a family-owned business in the production industry of food products.

They are looking for a Head of Operations who will be responsible for overseeing the production and distribution of a range of food products. S/he will ensure the organisation is running smoothly to meet the expectations and needs of the customers."

Head of Operations


Mr. T. Goder, Mauritius IMSA Board Member, visiting BAA offices’ 


We are delighted to announce that By Appointment Africa has been selected as a member of IMSA Search Global Partners, an international search firm, founded in Switzerland more than 25 years ago, as listed as one of the top 30 global executive search companies worldwide by Hunt Scalon Media, after a through review of all the leading global recruitment providers.

IMSA Search Global Partners, located in 24 countries (Kenya being the latest addition) with 51 offices have contributed to this extraordinary recognition by providing premier client services, utilising information and knowledge sharing across their culturally diverse and geographically broad platform.

IMSA reached out to several recruitment firms in Kenya last year as they strongly felt that as an emerging market, Kenya should be part of the global group. But there can only be one member per country. IMSA’s Board Member for Mauritius visited By Appointment Africa and spent a day with us to really understand our business model and best practices.

BAA was then put to the vote to the other 23 global members and we were voted in.

So what does this mean for us (and you?) We now have a global reach, access to knowledge sharing of best practices and the latest AI and sourcing tools. IMSA members meet twice a year to discuss the industry and new techniques and practices. BAA will be attending their first IMSA meeting in October this year which will be held in Switzerland to meet all the Board Members, learn and share.

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